Haley Morris-Cafiero

Artist Statement
For my series, Wait Watchers, I set up a camera in a public area and photograph the
scene as I perform mundane tasks while strangers pass by me. I then examine the
images to see if any of the passersby had a critical or questioning element in their face
or body language. I consider my photographs a social experiment and I reverse the
gaze back on to the stranger and place the viewer in the position of being a witness to a
moment in time. The project is a performative form of street photography.
I place the camera on a tripod and take hundreds of photographs. The resulting images
capture the gazer in a microsecond moment where the shutter, the scene, my actions
and their body language align and are frozen on the frame. I do not know what the
people in my photographs are looking at or reacting to. I present the images to the
world to start a conversation about the gaze and how we use it communicate our
thoughts of others.